Nothing displays elegance like shining marble floors. They give buildings an excellent touch of luxury, particularly when they match the whole interior design of the building. They are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and hallways. Regular cleaning and maintenance are critical to helping marble maintain its shine and beauty. Since the marble is a permeable and somewhat soft stone, it needs extra care to keep dullness, scratches, and other damages away. Below are 5 mistakes you must avoid to protect your marble floors from any form of damage and prolong their lifespan.

Not Cleaning Up Spills Quickly

Due to their porous nature, marble floors tend to absorb liquids quickly. When you allow a spill to sit on your marble floor for a longer duration, it infiltrates and stains the stone. Always wipe off spills immediately to avoid spots and damages. Regular sealing of the marble is instrumental in creating a barrier that deters stains.

Use of Acidic Cleaning Products

Acidic cleaning products can damage your marble permanently since the acid tends to react with the calcium carbonate available in the marble and consume it. Don’t clean the marble with special bathroom cleansers since they may also have etching and staining effects. Tile and grout cleaners also cause etching on marble floors. Always use a cleaning product with a balanced pH to maintain the integrity and exquisiteness of your marble.

Not Cleaning on a Regular Basis

Don’t let their hard surfaces fool you to skip regular cleaning. Marble floors need thorough cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis to preserve their sparkle and beauty. Regular cleaning discourages the build-up of grime and dirt. It also minimizes etching and damage due to grinding in of debris by foot traffic.

Sand, debris, and dirt brought into your home or commercial establishment by foot traffic are rough on the marble floor and can cause scratches on the surface over time. Consider placing doormats at every entry point of your building to lower the amount of debris that finds their way into your compound. Clean your floors frequently using a dry, clean dust mop. The mop will trap sand and dirt easily without scratching the stone surface. The best way of sweeping away debris is running an untreated mob in a single direction. Don’t make the mistake of using an oil-treated dust mop. If you can’t keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance requirement of your marble floor, consider hiring a professional cleaning company.

The key to helping your marble floor retain its attractiveness for a long period is simplicity. Avoid hazardous chemicals or cleansers. Wipe water and other fluids immediately using a dry cloth or sponge. Seal your marble surfaces at least twice or thrice a year, if not regularly. Use the right marble cleaning products to fix mistakes. Seek professional cleaning services when you want to polish the marble or to remove stubborn stains.