The science of carpet cleaning employs different techniques of cleaning. Most people assume that cleaning a carpet is a straightforward process that can be undertaken by anyone, but that’s not true. People end up using the wrong cleaning tools and end up destroying the carpet fibres in the name of cleaning them. That’s why we recommend professional cleaning companies to undertake this job for optimal results. The benefits of a professionally cleaned carpet; improved air quality that increases health and durability of the carpet increases and thus reduces replacement cost. Carpet dirt depends on how much traffic they receive. A cleaning company employs different methods as can be seen below.

Carpet Shampooing

It is no longer a popular method due to improvement in technology. It involved applying a detergent on the carpet and stirring it up with a machine to remove dust and dirt. A vacuum is used to brighten up the carpet. The reasons for low popularity are the rug takes long to dry, is sticky due to no rinsing, and re-soils quickly. It’s not recommendable if especially you have kids.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

It’s one of the most popular methods due to its effectiveness and convenience. No drying time is needed. Though this method has its doubters, it employs cleaning powders or compounds using a rotary brush. You can rest assured the powder used are biodegradable.

Bonnet Cleaning

It requires less drying time and moisture. It’s convenient for large-scale use like in hotels. This cleaning process does not go deep into the fabric compared to dry carpet cleaning which results to the dirt beneath the fabric reappearing after a short period. It’s possible also to accumulate compounds beneath the carpet since the rotary machine used presses chemicals into the mat.


It is a technologically advanced method. It uses synthetic detergents that when dry crystallize to powders and at the same time the dirt encapsulates into powder. The foam then dries after brushing or vacuuming. This method uses less drying time and less moisture. It uses the environmentally friendly material. The only limitation is that heavily soiled carpet might be hard to clean.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, it apples hot high pressurized water to reach the fibre core and remove data. It’s a standard method as it can eliminate dirt.

Benefits of employing a carpet cleaning company services


It’s easy for a professional company to do the job since if you do it yourself, you have to move all the furniture and transport the carpet back and fro. This will be very stressful for you which is why you should let a professional company do the job.


Carpets become smelly for several reasons, and you might end up cleaning them, but the smell persists. That is why one should a hire a cleaning company who has expertise in getting rid of all smells and odours.


If one cleans carpets with the wrong tools, the durability is lowered, but if a professional cleaning company is hired, they can do a quality job and extend the life of a carpet.


Time is precious, and one can save lots of time if they hire a cleaning company to do what they do best and one’s time is directed to other chores.

Health benefits

Professional cleaning companies are more hygienic and will do a better job that you can probably achieve.

Sit back and relax and let a professional cleaning company do the job. It’s encouraged one to maintain a specific routine for carpet cleaning to keep the house fresh all year.