5 common cleaning mistakes in office

A clean office gives out positive vibes and shows professionalism. Clients are likely to get a bad impression if they see an office, which is full of garbage and bad smell. It is important to avoid the common cleaning mistakes that the majority ignores when cleaning the office such as:   Not Using the Right-Cleaning

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How to clean and maintain different floor types

Different surfaces require different cleaning agents and it is essential that the right agents and cleaning methods are adopted. Refer to the short guide below for a summary of how to clean the various floor types. Carpet Carpet cleaning is an easier exercise. Having the right cleaning products is all that it takes. Common stains

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How to Keep You Area Dengue Free

To completely get rid of mosquitoes, you need first to clear out their habitats. Mosquitoes cause dengue. Dengue can then cause Zika. Dengue fever, is a deadly disease and it spreads like wildfire, Therefore, if you want to keep your area and your home dengue free, follow the steps we have listed below. Toss Out

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Hazards of having a dirty office

An office tends to get dirty and dusts just like any other area. This is because most of the devices and items that are in the office are usually touched by different people and end up attracting bacteria and the germs. Sometimes it is quite hard to do a thorough cleaning in the office due

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Evaluating your current cleaning company

The picture your business creates is important and determines the what clients seek for your Products. Having the best cleaning company is the dream of every business. A good cleaning company ensures that you and your employees have enough time to engage in productive ventures thus saves time. It also ensures a clean environment, therefore,

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A simplified cleaning checklist

Offices, schools, and gyms experience one of the difficult but essential cleaning tasks. The many customers and clients involved in these institutions deserve clean place while being served their services. A dirty and unchecked place of business may lose customers with time hence many companies and institutions prefer hiring professional companies in cleaning. Below are

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Reasons to hire a cleaning company

Once you start a business, ensure it is in good condition. Tidy workstations make the venture productive. It provides a comfortable environment to carry out your day to day activities. Regular cleaning makes the place appealing to both the employees and the clients. Thus, it is best for one to consider hiring a professional cleaning

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5 ways to clean your carpet

The science of carpet cleaning employs different techniques of cleaning. Most people assume that cleaning a carpet is a straightforward process that can be undertaken by anyone, but that’s not true. People end up using the wrong cleaning tools and end up destroying the carpet fibres in the name of cleaning them. That’s why we

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