When selecting a service provider to carry out carpet cleaning tasks at your home or office, you are left with a large range of options. These companies deploy different types of methods to address different requirements. Mentioned in this article are the typed of the most common carpet cleaning methods for your reference.

How water extraction cleaning

Water extraction cleaning is also known to be the steam carpet cleaning in the industry. A stream of high pressure hot water will be used to agitate the carpet fiber. The dirt will be eventually dissolved. The process includes the application of cleaning agent on the carpet, agitating the carpet fiber, brushing and rinsing. Cleaning agents will be left to settle on the carpet and it will be washed after some time. Once the rinsing process is done, the carper should be left to dry (at least for about 4 hours). Professional carpet cleaning companies always try to start the cleaning process by late afternoon; the carpet will be ready to use in the morning.


This is an advance carpet cleaning strategy that utilizes a special type of synthetic detergent. As the final step of the cleaning, vacuuming will be carried out to remove the powdery substance with dirt. In fact, because of the effectiveness, speed and the ease of use, encapsulation has become enormously popular in the industry. Less water will be used during this process and fewer chemicals will be left behind compared to the other methods such as conventional carpet shampooing.  However, this is not the best cleaning method to remove heavily soiled carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is used to clean heavily congested public areas (like hotels and conference rooms). Not much of moisture is engaged with this method and hence the drying process will be quicker. It will cause less inconvenience for guests. However, this method doesn’t address heavily soiled areas.

Dry carpet cleaning

This is modern strategy which is also known to be compound cleaning. It doesn’t require any drying time and ideal for busy schedules of people today. A special machine will be used to send a cleaning compound and start the cleaning process. A thorough cleaning can be expected with this strategy.