Cleaning is one of the chores that are done daily around the home and office. It comprises of a dozen cleaning ways that are chosen by their effectiveness. With the modern world advancing and lifestyle changing rapidly, more tools and cleaning hacks are invented to help us get through this tedious routine to help perform the job perfectly. Other than just cleaning, maintenance is also important.

All cleaning whether home or office can be made easier using cleaning hacks. Here are some few home and office cleaning tips.

Cleaning Hacks

1. Use lemon to reduce odors from the garbage by slicing some lemon on and around the garbage

2. Keep you cleaning sponge disinfected by putting it in a microwave for 30 second to kill bacteria

3. Use a toothbrush to wash off tough stains on tiles

4. Use baking soda when washing laundry to make them brighter and clean. For those with tougher stains, use salt when washing

Interior Cleaning

Cleaning can comprise the interior and exterior surface all of which require special tools for the job. The interior of a room would require the carpet cleaners, mops, dusting machines and both manual tools like rags, scrubbers, buckets, squeegees, blooms or electric vacuum cleaners that could easily do the task without much needed efforts. As for maintenance of cleanliness, ensure that occupants clear up after themselves.

Exterior Cleaning

Exterior cleaning include the walls, windows, garden and garbage disposal. Instead of having the compost pit around the compound, it is good to pay for the garbage disposal companies and keep the compound clean from odor smell and general chaos of papers and other non-rotting waste.

Home Cleaning

Home cleaning can be a little bit hard because of the arrangements and the nature of furniture and equipment in the house. The arrangements could be a living habitat for pest and insects and thus cleaning requires an overall way to give your room a new fresh and look free from pest invasion. This would include a room to room cleaning in order to manage space. Maintenance would require the occupants to keep the room clean after cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not usually done and it can be tiring, inconvenience and costly because of the nature of it. When spring cleaning, it is advisable to have sheltering place for the furniture, and all other household items in order to clean it thoroughly. Another way to ensure effective spring cleaning is to hire cleaning services firms that are reputable.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning can be easier compared to home cleaning but the complex nature of furniture arrangement is the determining factor.  Routine cleaning helps in living in a clean environment, especially when the office may not be occupied like during holidays and weekends.