Carpet cleaning in your home is a task that you probably do not enjoy doing. This is probably why you only thoroughly clean your carpet about once or twice a year, and you always use your local professional carpet cleaning service to do that.

Professional carpet cleaning is great for total stain removal if you find that your weekly vacuuming sessions are not helpful. They also conduct office cleaning if you are looking for someone to do that.

When working with pros, it’s always best to ask them which method they will be using on your carpet so that if you have a preference, you can ask them to use it.

Dry carpet cleaning is a method which uses specific dry solvents and machines to clean your carpet. The solvents dissovle any dirt that is in your carpet leaving it clean and instantly dry.


Dry carpet cleaning is a great method to use on your carpet for a number of reasons:

Dry cleaning uses chemical agents and a little moisture which means virtually no drying time and the carpet can be immediately used.

If you use a company which doesn’t use harsh chemicals, then you have a fast but effective method which will give you longer life on your carpet.

Dry cleaning leaves your sofa and upholstery feeling very soft.

Some materials such as wool shrink when exposed to moisture. Dry cleaning ensures that this won’t happen.

If you get a steam clean on your carpet and it doesn’t dry properly, then you will likely have a funny after-smell and risk mold development.



The dry cleaning method uses chemicals, so make sure the chemicals your cleaning company uses are not harmful to your family, pets and carpet.

Don’t assume that no moisture will be used. A small amount of moisture will be used but not nearly as much as the amount used in steam cleaning or other methods.


Get your carpet professionally cleaned and have it dry in minutes with the dry cleaning method.