Your home is the most important place! After all, that is where you feel safe, protected and happy. Living in a dirty, untidy house not only reflects poorly on your living standards, but can also be the reason why you and your loved ones keep falling ill frequently. So read on to pick up some useful and easy home cleaning tips that we have in store for you.

Top Home Cleaning Tips for You

1. Always start cleaning your kitchen from the stove and then move clockwise around the room. This is because your stove is the dirtiest part of the kitchen and cleaning it first helps you prevent further spread of grease and dirt.

2. You might not believe it but your sink is dirtier than your toilet seat. To disinfect your sink, wash it with water and soap and then spray a mix of vinegar and then a mist of hydrogen peroxide. A stainless steel sink will sparkle if you spray a few drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth and then wipe your sink with it.

3. Always remember to clean from top to bottom. This way, dust particles or crumbs that fall on the ground can get picked up while you broom. And remember to store the brooms with the handles facing downward. This protects the bristles too and makes it easier to find them.

4. Keeping the bed well made keeps your bedroom looking clean. When you wake up, pull the covers up to your chin and then snidely make your way out of the bed so that the job is half done by the time you get out of bed.

5. Many of us have clothes that we haven’t worn for more than a year. Such clothes are a waste of space and you could donate them to create more space for storage in your house. Also get you laundry done regularly at least once a week.

6. Have an ‘essentials’ basket on the stand next to your bed. Keep your books, moisturizer, eye mask and other things you need at night. This will keep your room looking tidy and save you from the hassle of getting out of bed when you need one of these things.