An office tends to get dirty and dusts just like any other area. This is because most of the devices and items that are in the office are usually touched by different people and end up attracting bacteria and the germs. Sometimes it is quite hard to do a thorough cleaning in the office due to the busy schedules, and even if the cleaning is done, some parts like in between the keys on the keyboard are not well cleaned as expected. The accumulation of the dirt and the bacteria results in health hazards which may even lead to workers asking for a sick leave.

Some of the hazards of having a dirty office include;

Breeds germs and bacteria.

If you don’t pay much attention when cleaning the office and all the items in it, chances of leaving dirt are quite high. Long accumulation of this dirt creates a breeding home for bacteria and the germs. Some of the parts that create a breeding home for bacteria and germs are the doorknobs, the undersides of the desk, the mouse, keyboards and also the water dispenser handle. The germs and the bacteria live in such places where they end up causing ailment to the employees using these items. For the parts you cannot be able to thoroughly clean, hiring a cleaning company is essential. Cleaning companies have all the required cleaning equipment and solutions for these purposes.

Mould growth.

Mould tends to grow in areas that are not well ventilated or if there is moisture in the room. So, if an employee spills water or cleans the surface and does not clean up the area well, mould will end up spreading in the entire office. Mould is quite deadly as it is associated with various diseases like asthma, causes irritation, skin effect and it greatly affects people who have allergic reactions.

Loss of professionalism.

The way you keep your office speaks volume about your public image. Majority of customers will judge you depending on how you keep your office and if it is untidy, the potential customers may lose hope and trust in your products and services. This is because it portrays you as a lazy company that is not serious in their job.

Low employee performance.

In the case where an employee falls sick, they tend to underperform in their jobs and sometimes they may be forced to take a few days or even weeks to recuperate. This causes their work to stand still thus reducing the production rate in the organization.

Lose or morale to employees.

The state of the office also influences the employees’ morale. Working in a clean and well-ventilated office creates a good working condition which in return motivates the employees to work well and better.


Keeping your office clean benefits both the company’s performance and the employees. If you don’t have a cleaning team in your office, consider hiring a cleaning company to be cleaning the office may be thrice or four times in a week.