Your home and office are the two most important things in your life. Yet, the two are in stark contrast with each other. Keeping both places clean is important as both of them have a huge impact on your overall health and happiness. Let’s have a look at how the cleaning of these two places differ.

  1. Culinary corners:

Home: The kitchen is the place which will involve a lot of cleaning as you make your food here. Remember to always keep the stove and sink properly clean as they are dirtiest places in your kitchen. Wipe your stove with a disinfectant and the sink too, after you’ve thoroughly washed it with soap and water.

Office: There is no kitchen here, but a pantry with a coffee maker and a microwave for re-heating all your take-aways and deliveries. So always keep these equipments clean as you are consuming food that is kept in these machines. Any stains, dirt and grime should be cleaned and removed regularly.

  1. Creative Corners:

Home: Your creativity at home generally bursts out in the living room or the bedroom. Keeping them clutter-free and well arranged is the best that you can do. Adding more light into these places is good during the daytime to help enhance your creativity and also remember to ensure these areas always smell good.

Office: Your desk is going to be your temple here and you know that. So instead of having papers lying all over it, re-arrange it in colourful files or clip them up and arrange them in neat baskets if you prefer that. The idea is to have all your papers and stationery artfully arranged, that inspires creativity. Having a few motivational quotes here and there is also a good idea.

  1. Vacuum

Home: You will have to vacuum your home regularly, though not necessarily everyday. You may have certain rules for your house, like leaving footwear outside and those visiting are likely to stick to these rules.

Office: You need to appoint a cleaner who will clean your office every morning before you get to work. Mainly because all kinds of people – from clients to the postman – will be dropping by regularly and you don’t know their hygiene standards. Hence, it’s better to be safe than sorry and get it cleaned everyday.