To completely get rid of mosquitoes, you need first to clear out their habitats. Mosquitoes cause dengue. Dengue can then cause Zika. Dengue fever, is a deadly disease and it spreads like wildfire, Therefore, if you want to keep your area and your home dengue free, follow the steps we have listed below.

Toss Out Stagnant Water

Stagnant water is the breeding place for mosquitoes. If you want to do away with mosquitoes you have to discard stagnant water by doing the following;

  1. Look for the damp parts in your home such as coolers, racks toilet bowls, trash bins. The toilet bowls should be covered always.
  2. Cover all containers to prevent accumulation of water.

iii. All bamboo poles should also be covered if they are not in use.

  1. Vases should always be clean. Water in the vases should also be changed every day.
  2. The flower pots should always be kept clean. You should scrub the pot regularly.

Cover Windows with Net Screens

It prevents mosquitoes from entering the house. Also look out for holes in the screens. If there are any, have them repaired.

Pesticides are Useful

Mosquitoes love dark places. Therefore, you need anti-pest sprays to spray on those areas if you want to keep yourself and your home safe from a dengue attack.

Lastly, applying mosquito repellant and spraying pesticide is not enough. You should also sleep under a treated bed net. This way, you are safe from mosquito bites during your sleep. Also, involve your family in this fight against dengue. Inform them of the measure they are supposed to take to prevent dengue.

Given the dangers posed, you should hire a professional cleaning company to help you maintain a clean and dengue-free environment.

So what are other benefits of regular cleaning?

Importance of Regular Cleaning

The following are the reasons why regular cleaning is important.

  1. a) It helps to get rid of any stagnant water
  2. b) Cleaning destroys all the habitats of not only mosquitoes but also other pests.
  3. c) Cleaning closes down the entry of mosquitoes and pests to your home and family.