Maintaining Home Cleanliness

Opening a nice bottle of merlot and kicking back on the couch is ideally what TGIF should be like, as opposed to cleaning up the massive pile of dishes that has had mould growing all over it across the entire week. Chores are become more than just an annoyance when allowed to accumulate – a lazy home is a dirty home, and dirty homes are dangerous. Regularly cleaning up will help ensure the health of the people living in it.

Don’t Wait

Doing your dishes straight after dinner eliminates the risk of procrastination and prevents the dishes from piling up in the sink. Putting off chores until they turn into mini Mt. Everest reinforces the impression of an even more daunting task, making you in turn even more inclined to be put off. Cleaning as you go breaks down the cleaning process into small, manageable tasks that are easier to complete.

Take Baby Steps

Like all other things in life, start small. Begin with the easiest task, then move down the list in increasing order of difficulty. Achieving minor victories motivate you to move onto the bigger stuff, and at an increasingly faster pace. For bigger challenges, try completing them as a couple or family to knock them down faster. What better way to bond and have a nice clean house at the end of the day?

Create a Schedule

Going with the flow may seem like an enticing idea, but unorganised approaches to clearing chores only results in a lot of unnecessary time wasted. Carving out a schedule allows you to efficiently use what available time you have to maximum effect, leaving enough left over for those Harry Potter reruns over the weekend.

Combining the above few tips will allow you to keep your house clean for a longer period of time, making cleaning less dreadful when the time comes around.