Cleaning is something that needs to be done quite often. However, it can be hard to find the time or maybe you just keep putting it off. You could always hire a professional cleaning service of simply make time to clean it yourself. Every room in the home should be cleaned as often as necessary but sometimes the office gets neglected.

Whether it’s the office at home or the office at work, both potentially have germs lying on everything.

Think about your laptop or computer keyboard. These are things you touch constantly. Clean your keyboard each week and even more often if you have been sick.

After being neglected for a while, your desk may be cluttered. Putting things away daily or taking care of paperwork right away will help maintain the cleanliness of your desk. If it has gotten out of hand, file and put away all necessary papers. After that, wipe down your desk and items that you want to stay on your desk with disinfecting wipes.

More than likely you have a bookshelf in your office as well. These shelves tend to get unorganized and cluttered. Going through the books and getting rid of the ones you don’t need will help to keep it organized. Sort the books in a way that makes sense to you and put them back neatly.

How about the floors? Your office floor many not have a lot of traffic on it daily but it still gets dirty, especially if you eat in your office. A thorough sweep or vacuum depending on hard floor or carpeted floor should do the trick. If you really want a good clean, mopping the floor or shampooing the carpet would be a good idea too.

Clean your office once each week and maintain things daily if you can. Do a really thorough clean once each month to keep your office nice, organized and functional.