Just because of the busy lifestyles people live these days, tasks like domestic cleaning often get neglected. However, you cannot simply compromise the hygiene of your house just because you don’t have time to attend. As a response to the ever increasing demand for cleaning, various firms have emerged in the market under the tag of “professional cleaning services”.

Modern market consists of a large number of cleaning services that come in various scales. If you intend to hire such vendor, first you should know what sort of a service you actually require. This article offers you an overview to types of cleaning services are on offer.

Basic Cleaning

The “basic” category covers all the simple yet vital cleaning requirements in various types of properties. Generally, these services include tasks such as, dusting the surfaces, vacuum cleaning of carpets, mopping different types of floors and spot cleaning tasks. Usually, basic cleaning tasks are supposed to cover all the areas of the house including kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, living rooms, hallways etc. Moreover, cleaners will remove the garbage from kitchen and other areas and make the house a presentable place. This is a regular cleaning service that should be carried out once a week in general.

Deep Cleaning

Under deep cleaning services category, your house will undergo extensive cleaning procedures. Such service may include scrubbing of the floors, deep cleaning of the carpets (usually with steam and power vacuum), scrubbing of the kitchen equipment, cleaning upholstery, appliances, fittings and many others. In fact, with deep cleaning you can expect to eliminate everything from dust to severe stains. Depending on the requirement, deep cleaning should be carried out every two months. If you have children in your house you may often need this service to maintain a good hygiene within the house.

End of tenancy cleaning

This cleaning service may require by both the tenants and landlords. The cleaning process that takes place upon an end of a tenancy comes under this category. This service will be carried out either as a deep cleaning or basic cleaning.

One off cleaning

Cleaning that is carried out after a particular event come under this category. People require such service particularly after instances like parties, renovations, repairs and yard sales. Depending on the requirement of the site, the package will be customized.