When it comes to carpet, stains are inevitable. Your toddler’s handprints, gifts from your furry friends and that wine stain from last night when you had the get together that you are now regretting. How do we remove these tough carpet stains? Well, different types of stains call for different measures. Here are some cleaning hacks to help you effectively remove those tough carpet stains!

Fat, Oil or Wax

If you have fat, oil or wax stuck on your precious carpet, place a paper on it and iron it on warm setting. The fat, wax and oil will easily come off and stick to the paper.

Cigarette Burns

If there are cigarette burns on the carpet, gently rubbing it with the edge of a flat, hard surface, like a knife to help get rid of it.


In case of glue dropping on your carpet, pour some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or on a soft cloth and place it on the stain. Once the glue is moistened enough, gently rub it to remove it.

Wax or Gum

Place ice on wax or gum to freeze it and then break it with a blunt object like a spoon. Before it softens up, make sure to vacuum it and then blot the carpet with a wet cloth.

Nail Polish

Dropped nail polish on your carpet? Pour nail polish remover on a soft cloth and gently rub the affected area to get rid of the stains.

Pet Stains

Pet can leave unnecessary surprises on your carpets.When that happens, pick up everything you can wearing gloves and if wet, blot it to soak up the moisture. Keep blotting it until it is dry and the stain is removed. In case the stain has already dried, use a carpet stain remover specially formulated to remove these kinds of stains to clean your carpet.


Place white towels on urine stains to absorb as much as possible followed by a damp, cool cloth for blotting. Now, mix water and vinegar in the ratio 1:1 and spray it on the blot. Mix thirty-two ounces of water with half a teaspoon of mild detergent and blot the affected area. Let it dry.