Here are some of the niche cleaning services that we excel in:


General Cleaning

Our team of cleaning specialists possess the best equipment and skills to remove every nick of grime and dirt from your home and office. Having some of the world’s longest working hours, we understand that Singaporeans cannot afford the luxury of time for cleaning on their own. Hence, we’ve made it our mandate to provide the best services to make the experience a fuss-free and pleasant one.


Carpet Cleaning

It’s a misconception to think that only severely-soiled or badly-stained carpets require professional servicing.

Over time, the furry, thick nature of carpets act as an unpleasant haven for an unthinkable amount of dust, dirt particles and dust mites, in addition to other micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and mould.

Regular cleaning helps prolong the lifespan of your carpet as well as aids the removal of stubborn stains more effectively. Frequent vacuuming and annual deep-cleaning not only helps remove accumulated soiling within the carpet, but also keeps harmful bacteria at bay, thereby eliminating invisible health hazards and improving quality of life.



Marble Polishing

Marble is an exquisite and unique element with a high alkaline mineral content, resulting in its high sensitivity to any strong acid-based cleaners. Due to the high amount of calcium carbonate in marble, it is susceptible to erosion from the acids in most cleaning solutions..

When your marble flooring loses its natural shine, it’s high time to consider marble-polishing.

Size of Area Price ($/Sqft)
Per Square Foot $1.20


Post Renovation Cleaning

It is natural for new homeowners to be anxious about moving into their newly-renovated homes once the process has been completed – but the work doesn’t end there. Removing leftover dust particles from the renovation works, as well as sanitising the entirety of the interior premises before moving in is of utmost priority.

Accumulated dust, dirt and dried paint fumes can prove to be disastrous health hazards if unattended to.