A glittering and shining marble floor is something that hardly ever goes unnoticed. It doesn’t matter where it’s installed; marble flooring is able to enhance the beauty and look of any house giving it a sparkling appearance.


Nevertheless, in time, marble flooring can lose its shine if it isn’t taken care of. There are countless ways to polish and maintain marble flooring to retain its glazing look. Here are some great tips for effectively polishing and cleaning marble to extend its shine.


Marble, being a solid rock that is crystalline and metamorphic, has been used for countless centuries. However, over time marble may be susceptible to stains thereby losing its look and luster. To regain the original color and look that it may have once had, it does require the occasional polishing and cleaning. Also, despite being unknown to a lot of people, regular cleaning can help maintain not only marble’s shine but also its durability.


With all of the different options that are available, we shall take a quick look at some of the simple and easy techniques to polish or clean marble. It can be very useful for cleaning virtually any marble surfaces, such as marble floor tiles, marble columns, marble fireplaces, etc. Please remember that these cleaning alternatives don’t require help from a professional. Do not go for detergents that are chemical-based as they can cause damage permanently thereby ruining the beauty and lust of your new marble tiles.


Steps For Polishing Marble


  • Precleaning:
  1. Before beginning to polish the required area, it will first have to be pre-cleaned. For this, you’ll need a mixed solution of 4 cups of water that’s warm, and about 3 tbsp of baking soda. With a soft cloth that is first dipped in the solution, thoroughly clean the marble area. Then for about three to four hours, allow the area to dry. Now it’s time to polish the marble area.


  • Polishing
  1. Make chalk powder by crushing white writing chalk. You can use a pestle and small mortar, or you may also use a small hammer.



  1. Now moisten another soft cloth, and then sprinkle the cloth with the chalk powder in an area that is wet. Now wipe the moistened area of the cloth with the chalk powder over the area of the marble that you wish to polish. Remember to polish with uniform strokes.


  1. Allow the area of the marble with the wet powder to dry for about one to two hours. Now take a different clean cloth, moisten it and then thoroughly clean the marble area.


  • Drying
  1. Lastly, it is now time to wipe the desired area with either a mop or a clean, soft cloth that is moistened with only clean water. Remember to use only a soft cloth or a mop and water to avoid using abrasive scrubs or chemical based cleaners.


By regularly polishing marble, you will ensure that it maintains it’s durability, shine, and look. It’s ideal for those who want to get the most out of their investment from purchasing the marble. The polishing ingredients are very affordable and contain virtually no chemicals.