In our busy lives, we don’t have a lot of time to clean our houses and offices. As a result, there are several people making a living by offering their services to do your cleaning on your behalf. With so many options available, one might feel daunted by the task of choosing the most suitable cleaning service. So let’s have a look at the different types of cleaning services there are:

1. The Sole Trader:

As the name suggests, the sole trader works alone to clean your house and commonly charges hourly rates for the services offered. The benefit is that you get a person completely devoted to cleaning your house and there is flexibility regarding how the work is to be done. This option is more affordable than hiring an agency to clean your place.

2. A Cleaning Business:

Privately owned and employs people to clean houses on their behalf and also make a profit; after all, it is a business. These businesses charge clients more as compared to sole traders. These businesses specialise in cleaning certain parts and articles of your house like carpets and may charge a premium for these kinds of services as well. They serve as a back-up in case your personal cleaner doesn’t turn up. They tend to sign a contract first, so you will have to follow certain terms and conditions as well.

3. A Cleaning Agency:

This is more like a recruitment agency. They advertise their services and simultaneously hire local workers to complete the work on their behalf. Their rates remain in same category as that of the cleaning businesses. It is a beneficial blend of a sole trader as well as the cleaning business. If one leaves, the other one is available at the drop of a hat. Cleaning agencies are more flexible due to the direct communication between the cleaner and client.

4. The Cleaning Franchise:

Several companies have established a good reputation over time for the quality cleaning services that they provide and some of them have been bought over for their expertise and popularity. When you select a cleaning franchise, you get the advantage of having experts clean your house who are aware of the problems and how they can be handled.

Whether it is carpet polishing or marble polishing, you need to do it right and you need the right experts to help you.